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Superior Race Apes Club (SRAC) stands at the forefront of an innovative Metaverse venture, epitomizing the convergence of cutting-edge technology and immersive entertainment. This groundbreaking project introduces 8000 unique 3D NFT characters, each encapsulated by the SRAC token, unlocking a realm of possibilities for participants.

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Why you Join SRAC?

Defining SRAC: The Essence

SRAC transcends traditional NFT offerings. It is an ecosystem where avatars seamlessly transform into warriors, engaging in a meticulously designed war game set to unfold on 08/08/2024. This unprecedented fusion of gaming and NFTs propels users into a dynamic universe where characters aren't just owned but actively contribute to a riveting gaming experience.

Interactive Gaming: Where NFTs Come to Life

The heart of SRAC beats within an interactive battle game. Commencing on 01/07/2024, users connect wallets, engage in tournaments, and experience the thrill of transferring NFTs seamlessly. It's a world where victories and defeats translate into tangible value. SRAC isn't just about digital assets; it's an opportunity for tangible rewards.



  • PHASE 01

    Foundation (Q1 2024 - Q2 2024)

  • PHASE 02

    Evolution and Expansion (Q3 2024 - Q4 2024)

  • PHASE 03

    Rewards and Beyond (2025 Onwards)

  • PHASE 04

    Innovation and Global Expansion (2026 Onwards)

February 2024

Initial Character Sale

- Launch of the project with the sale of 3000 unique 3D NFT characters at a minting cost of 0.005 ETH per character.

- Establishment of the foundational community and introduction to the SRAC ecosystem.

March 2024

Second Character Sale

- Continued growth with the sale of an additional 3000 characters, featuring a higher minting cost of 0.05 ETH per character.

- Community engagement events and early supporter appreciation.

April 2024

Limited Edition

- Culmination of the initial phase with the sale of 1000 limited edition characters, each priced at 0.2 ETH.

- Introduction of scarcity and exclusivity to the SRAC NFT collection.

July 2024

War Game Launch

- Unveiling of the highly anticipated war game, where NFT characters actively participate in battles across six different maps.

- Commencement of the interactive gaming experience, allowing users to connect wallets and engage in tournaments.

August 2024

Character Evolution

- Community-driven decisions lead to the evolution of SRAC characters, introducing new features and capabilities.

- The Metaverse witnesses the transformation of characters as they adapt to the evolving preferences of the community.

September 2024

Metaverse Expansion

- Acquisition of virtual lands from platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox for the establishment of entertainment centers within the Metaverse.

- Expansion beyond gaming, creating immersive experiences for SRAC community members.

100K ETH in Sales

Grand Concert and Rewards

- Organization of a grand concert for all SRAC NFT holders, with expenses covered by the project team.

- Distribution of exclusive rewards to early supporters contributing at the 10,000 ETH milestone.

Continuous Community

Engagement and Governance

- Ongoing community events, tournaments, and engagement initiatives to foster a vibrant and active SRAC community.

- Potential integration of $SRAC token governance mechanisms, allowing community members to influence the project's direction.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Global Impact

- Implementation of the philanthropic mission, focusing on the liberation of animals from global zoos and support for animal welfare organizations.

- Making a positive impact beyond the digital realm and contributing to global initiatives.

Technological Advancements


Embrace emerging technologies, potentially exploring advancements like blockchain scalability solutions, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) integrations to enhance the SRAC gaming experience.



Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with other Metaverse projects, fostering cross-platform interactions and creating a broader virtual ecosystem for SRAC characters and assets.

Continuous Evolution

- Continue to adapt and evolve the SRAC ecosystem based on technological advancements, user feedback, and the ever-changing landscape of the Metaverse.

- Explore opportunities for real-world applications of SRAC assets and technologies, potentially integrating with industries beyond gaming and entertainment.


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SRAC is an innovative Metaverse project introducing 8000 unique 3D NFT characters under the SRAC token. These characters actively participate in an immersive war game, and SRAC extends beyond gaming, incorporating features like token utility, exclusive rewards, and philanthropic initiatives.

SRAC NFT characters are available through scheduled sales events. The first sale occurred on 02/02/2024, with subsequent sales on 03/03/2024 and 04/04/2024. Each sale introduces unique characters with varying minting costs.

The SRAC token serves as the primary medium for transactions within the SRAC ecosystem. It facilitates in-game purchases, unlocks enhancements for characters, and may have governance roles in the future. Additionally, it plays a role in exclusive rewards and community events.

The war game is set to launch on 08/08/2024. To participate, users can connect their wallets and engage in tournaments. The game provides an opportunity for character owners to experience live battles and transfer NFTs seamlessly.

The exclusive rewards program is tied to sales milestones. Upon reaching 120,000 ETH in sales, three lucky character owners will receive luxury rewards, including vehicles like the Lamborghini Evoque, Bentley Continental GT, and Ferrari F8.

SRAC envisions continuous evolution, including character mutations, cross-Metaverse collaborations, community-driven development, and sustainable practices. The project aims to make a global impact, contributing to philanthropic initiatives and remaining at the forefront of Metaverse innovation.

Yes, SRAC NFTs can be traded on secondary markets, providing liquidity and allowing users to engage with the broader NFT community. The secondary market trading enhances the value and market dynamics of SRAC assets.

Participation in community events is encouraged for all SRAC NFT holders. Governance mechanisms may be introduced in the future, enabling token holders to have a say in the project's decisions and direction.

SRAC is committed to philanthropy, aiming to liberate animals from global zoos and supporting various animal welfare organizations. The project envisions making a positive impact beyond the digital realm and contributing to global causes.

Regular updates, announcements, and community engagement events are shared through official SRAC communication channels, including the project's website, social media platforms, and community forums. Stay tuned for the latest news and developments.

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Welcome SRAC

Superior Race Apes Club (SRAC) stands at the forefront of an innovative Metaverse venture, epitomizing the convergence of cutting-edge technology and immersive entertainment.


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